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April 14, 2009


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For me, there's a more elemental thing we can do -- dismantle our own nuclear capabilities! It's extremely hypocritical for the nation with the largest nuclear stockpile to run around the world wagging their finger at other countries for trying to develop nuclear weapon capabilities.

Here's a new tack...How about we just ignore them. No aid, no nothing. Let the North Koreans eat their nuclear weapons if they get hungry. Support South Korea, miliarily if needed. But screw the North. For far too long they have been yanking our chain. Let China and Russia know that we have had it and it is their problem, and if the North atacks the south, we will use our nukes on the North to solve this problem once and for all.

"we will use our nukes on the North to solve this problem once and for all"...

Once and for all?

I wasn't aware that the US had pursued a 'unilateralist' policy with respect to North Korea. In fact, I thought the complaint during Bush II was that the US was being recalcitrant and obstructive in refusing to enter into one-on-one negotiations with NK. Of course, the only reason that NK wants these bilateral talks is so that it can blackmail the US alone for aid, and renege on the deal by claiming some transgression or other later. With the other states involved, their interests are also involved and that game's a bit harder to play. This may be a moot point anyway, since NK hasn't given much indication that it's going to abide by any agreements no matter how many people are sitting at the table.

Rambling Taoist: If the US dismantles its own nuclear capability, then it puts itself at the mercy of the nuclear states like Russia, China, Pakistan, North Korea, ... even (shudder) France. On the other hand, if the US cooperates with all the other states to dismantle its weapons then only those who are willing to cheat on an agreement to get a military advantage will retain the power of eliminating the US (See previous list.) You might like to rethink that recommendation.

Peter: Being able to just ignore them would be nice. I'm sure we'd all like to be able to just ignore things that are hard. The reason we can't just ignore NK is that they are collaborating in proliferation efforts with other unpleasant states all around the world. Only a few months ago the Israelis had to bomb a suspiciously NK reactor-ish looking building in Syria. There are also connections with Pakistan and Iran. No, I fear this is one of those things that one just has to hold one's nose and get on with.

Flood the zone

I completely agree, on both strategic and humanitarian grounds.

On the full disarmament issue, there are so few circumstances under international law of war or reasonable ethical considerations in which use of a nuclear weapon would be justifiable that it doesn't make sense to have more than a bare minimum deterrent force anyway. Not if we're going to claim the moral high ground (and I know, we have some climbing before we get back there on international law) on anything.

Something puzzles me, why aren't the Chinese as concern about a nuclear North Korea as the West seems to be, because the only real threat of regime change in North Korea comes from China, so therefore, a North Korean missile is not only technically more likely to land on Beijing but politically much more likely - surely the Chinese can not believe that the gangster cabal, that are sucking the blood of the North Korean people, would have any qualms on turning on China, there seeming protectors if their grip on power were threatened?
As for engagement - other than famine relief and basic humanitarian aid, this is in my opinion, to be avoided as it would only be channeled into the coffers of the ruling elite. One other thing horrible as it is - North Korea is of negative world status being so small and insignificant, and actually should simply be corralled, monitored and ignored, sooner or later the dictatorship will die. As for the guy ho said the West should disarm, do you want to buy some magic beans? I can let you have them for a very reasonable price.

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