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April 16, 2009


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He is Chinese.

See the following two report:
男排混血儿地道中国人 来自单身家庭未见过爸爸

中国男排集训名单公布 中非混血选手入选

And check this out, his mom is a post office clerk in HangZhou, ZheJiang Province. Can't imagine the sacrifice she has to make to bring up a bi-racial black looking kid in a single-parent household in China.

中国体坛"奥巴马"故事 丁慧:根在中国 避谈父亲

That is super cool.
I have always wondered what happens to the increasing number of bi-racial kids being born in china. I assume that most of them end up in the country of their foreign parent and rarely enroll in Chinese schools for fear of being ridiculed or worse, ignored.


It looks like Ding Hui became a minor celebrity overnight. Quite a few reports filed in the past couple of days. Here is a nice one on his family background.

混血儿“丁丁”惹人怜爱 丁慧懂事孝顺也不忘父亲

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