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May 06, 2009


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I appreciate the role Yu Dan is playing in re-popularizing Confucius in China. It shocks me, to be honest, the degree to which a lot of Chinese don't seem to know Confucius at all. Still, when she says things like "I tell my students to enjoy the diversity of the modern world: to listen to music, go out with each other, have fun" I wonder which version of the Analects she is reading. Certainly not the one I read.

You mean Confucious don't let people have music, party, fun? I have never seen particularly strong words against these in the Analects (except the way musical notes are produced, if it sounds a bell to you) Is a quite common to skip an 'excessive' before words for pleasures in ancient text. Another point is that the early form of Confucism didn't focus on common folks; Confucious was a morality guy but not inhumane.

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