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July 22, 2009


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Depends on your POV. the CCP, led by Mao, initiated the Great Leap Forward, but the movement (much akin to the later cultural revolution), quickly spun out of control. In this case, GLF was spun out of controlled by the over zealous CCP top officers, including then party secretary Deng XiaoPeng and some local executives trying to "look good".

Not the say Mao isn't responsible for the failed policy, but nothing can be learnt from blaming something to one person. Deng no doubt learnt valuable lessons from this experience and have applied them to reforming the country later in his career.

From another perspective, the chinese people must be allowed to learn their own mistakes.

If you truly understood the essence of chinese culture, you would know nothing is considered extreme or excessive, because they are simply the beginning of the opposite.

I truly enjoy your postings, but you often seemed to miss the point, or "het" as ancient jews would say, when it comes to situations which required true Taoist perspective.

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