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September 01, 2009


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The most important aspect of Confucian teaching is hierarchy - everyone has his/her place, and your behavior towards others depend on your position. Since Korea is a democracy. That is, anyone, in any station in life, has the same right to vote, for any candidate you think is right for the job. Position of the candidate is of no importance. That is a very unconfucian concept.

Therefore, China is way more confucian than Korea. And that will be the case for a very long time.

Excellent analysis, Prof. Crane. Yes, it is modernization (mistakenly refered to as "Westernization)) that is behind the lamentable decline of Confucian values.

Hi Sam,

You are right to ask what "support" means in the study. But when you assert "If 30 - 40 percent of people aged 45 or older live only with spouses and not their parents, than it seems impossible that 94 percent of people are actually caring for their parents in the manner Confucius expected" I cannot follow you. Does Confucius say one must live with their parents? I don't think so. he mentions reverence in the quote you provide, yet this is not indicated by living with them. One might argue that helping your parents maintain their independence is an indication of respect. How do you measure reverence/respect?

But your point is a valid one: I do see family values declining and can see how modernization facilitates this. I believe a lot more young people are moving farther away from their parents in search of work. They often send money back to their parents, but visits often are few and far between. Obviously, this is occuring everywhere modernization takes place. I live over 1300 km from my parents and cannot give them much care. (Fortunately, I have two brothers still living in the same city.)

To Bill, I am pretty sure the most important thing from Confucius is proactiveness.

I would have to agree that China is more likely to be Confucian, not only because it originated there but you can see it in almost everything they have - say educational standards, architecture, and even during the Olympics!

no matter which country is more Confucian ,For me,Confucian is is the essence of Chinese culture.

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