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September 04, 2009


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Wu wei is knowing when to act and when not to.

more to the point

Sun Tzu embraced many angles of how to fight some of which are very Taoist in style.

Taoists will still at times fight:wu wei or not, but the truth is 99 times out of 100 you win the battle long before the fight, so it only appears that Taoist rarely give action to a fight: Since you let the foe use their energy while in wu wei you patiently let the foe work work hard at losing their own battle. All in all know your heart and know your foe, in order to minimize actions on your part to give any foe less to work against upon you.

But when action is called for, make it decisive quick and to the point...

Besides at the time period Sun Tzu wrote how can you not get a fusion of philosophy in his works as the very period saw such philosophies evolving as part of the times / flux it was written within?

To try to separate out the strands of philosophy in Sun Tzu is to chase the the strands of breeze that compose the wind itself.

If a Taoist were to fight, they would take much of what Sun Tzu wrote to heart, and in the end isn't that a very Taoist statement/ measurement of a work of writing, something to be taken to heart as a manner of flowing with the world?

The first thing the Tao Te Ching says is that it cannot be explained, so who are we to try and label it. The Tao meshes with anything whether it be the Art of War or the NBA. I believe in the Bible as well as the Tao.

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