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October 28, 2009


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Can any institution that consists of the following members confer prestige to Confucius? I doubt it and too bad the old gentleman Mr. Kong can't raise from his grave and protest ...))

Joking aside, Al Green is at least literate. I know it because I helped to collect money for him way before he is a congressman. I was in the backroom. I know the game they are playing and it smells...

...`what one does not wish for oneself, one ought not to do to anyone else’

Translate it into modern English," Don't invade other country if you don't want to be invaded..."

Didn’t the said institution finance the Iraqi war?

What would Mr. Kong say about that?


Are you serious... oh my you are..

I can't even comment on this since it crosses over to the absurd pretty quickly.

Too funny I am laughing my arse off on this one Sam.

I wish Jon would catch this on the daily show...

*shakes my head*

I just found this blog and I really enjoy it. Right now I'm a student in East Asian Studies and Political Science, so it's been quite refreshing to read something that combines the two so well.

In regard to this post, I believe that this move by Congress was indeed political, but more so in a foreign policy sense. Not only has the Obama administration been calling for a more respectful approach to international affairs, but also Mr. Obama will be visiting China in mid-November. As the U.S. and China have recently been involved in trade and climate disagreements, a non-binding resolution paying homage to one of the most revered figures in Chinese history should do well to pave the way for any level visit.

Also, despite the fact that non-binding resolutions have no legal implications, they have been used in the past to produce lasting effects in the foreign policy arena. The comfort women and Armenian genocide condemnation are both good examples.

Favor has to be paid,s omewhere, somehow ... politicans usually prefer to pay favors by other people's money, or lives ...

welcome to reality

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