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October 02, 2009


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When I was about 15, I killed a bird with a .22. I was doing target practice and this crow happened to fly by. I don't even know why I shot it. I regretted my thoughtless action almost the second I pulled the trigger. I haven't picked up a gun since.

For my atonement, I became a vegetarian! ; )

From a Taoist perspective, I don't think atonement is necessary. Fault or guilt is not really the issue. Driving a car is not fundamentally violative of Way: it is what people do, it is part of the Way of humankind. That morning I just happened to cross paths with the deer. Our separate Ways collided. It was in the "very nature of things." I feel bad about it, but I am not "guilty." Or, at least, that is what I think a Taoist sensibility tells us...

In honor of your deer:


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