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December 18, 2009


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I've been following the blog for a while now. Great stuff. Just thought I should comment on this post:

Many western commentators see the butterfly story as an Eastern analog to Cartesian doubt. Yet, the allegory concludes with, “Between Chuang Chou and a butterfly there must be some distinction! This is called the Transformation of Things [wùhuà].” I'd say this last line shows the point of the story is not an advancement of skepticism about the limits of knowledge, but rather to illustrate the dynamic holism of the dào. The fleeting distinctions between “myriad things,” such as people and butterflies, indicate fluidity in the field of nature and in the focus of experience through a shifting of perspective.

In short, its the kind of rejection of the "quest for certainty" that can broaden one's perspective. As A.N. Whitehead once put it: "Knowledge shrinks as wisdom grows."

I loved this post, Sam, thanks. I should come here more often.

I like the freedom of embracing the idea of "It is! It just is!" and how "If you understand this day in and out, you inhabit the very source of it all."

There is great freedom in just being, and understanding that it just is. I also like the idea of a "strategic skeptic" - not accepting all, but not rejecting ideas either.

Thanks for a thoughtful post.

Laurie Klaue

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