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January 26, 2010


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Every time I see that expression, I can't stop thinking "天厌之,天厌之!"

If critics are calling the film "boring", I'm sure it's excellent because that probably means it's actually focusing on some of the philosophy. Also--the fact that Yao Ming and Zhang Ziyi are, as you say, more potent symbols of contemporary China (and I agree with you that they are) says to me very negative things about contemporary China. I suppose there has always been a minority of people in any given society disposed to take much time with philosophical thought, but at least at some periods in history governments used it to legitimize their rule and thus helped it thrive. Now they just use, well.... Yao Ming and Zhang Ziyi.

Your terrific site is always very thought-provoking. Thank you for that. I haven't seen the Confucius movie yet either, but I too have been avidly following the saga. But I wonder, why NOT set up the two films you mentioned in a Confucian-Taoist opposition? The former philosophy is as tiresome an apologetic as anyone could wish to see operating nowdays. It's little wonder that the energy of basketball superstars is more admired. Among other matters of course, Taoist thinking asks for the supernal flow of energy; hardly surprising that it never really caught on. Maybe Confucianism merely showed itself to be too easily shaped to the tired power interests of the state. It's possible that this is still the case. Only my opinion. Cheers.

It is quite boring movie. I didn't like every scene of this movie. It is not worth to spend money on it. I will suggest you watch this movie online.

For years I have been buying books according to the classical Taoist motto: only purchasing those others discarded. I just brought an almost new book (no marking on the margin) for fifty cents in the clearance section of a Half Price Book Store: Plato's The Trial and Death of Socrates. It is a sign of our time.

In Hollowood's long history, did it produce any memorable movie on Socrates? I don't remember. If it did, the product could only be junk, rubbish, trash. There is something in the nature of the movie business that doesn't mix with philosophers. Sex sells; Violence sells; outlandish rubbish such as Avatar sells, but philosophy doesn't sell.

How would hollowood treated Socrates' love life or domestic bliss?) Or that of Plato?

Anyway, I wouldn’t spend my time and money on the Confucius movie. It didn’t get the permission and clearance from Confucius and didn’t pay him one cent. Future generation might remember 2010 as the year Paul got reelected as Fed chairman, not the opening of Confucius movie or Avatar.

Is LeBrone James a more potent symbol of contemporary America than Jesus Christ? Not to me. Maryah Carey, maybe.

If critics are calling the film "boring", I'm sure it's excellent because that probably means it's actually focusing on some of the philosophy.

As a chinses,I could tell you this resistance and detestation of the move is nothing to do with philosophy or taste.
It is a reveal of how chinese people hate the pettily arrogant authourities do whatever they want to. try to control public private option in move choice....and of course so many other choices.
we are not worship hollywood, it is a war against those self-righteous authourities, the people wanna show them that: hey! we choose what movie we want! we spend money when we want! you can control so many aspects in my life but not this time.

that is the reality of the lose of confusius movie in China.

I have seen it. It is filmed beautifully and Chow Yun Fat is masterful in the central role. When a film is made about such an historical figure, there will always be debate - and this time it is being joined by elements of political criticism. But this shouldn't detract from the accomplishments of the film either. With it's imminent release on DVD in the UK this Monday on the Cine-Asia label (4th Oct). I am sure that many more people will appreciate it for not just the quality and the feeling of a true historical epic, but also because it will get them engaged with this extraordinary man for the first time.

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