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March 29, 2010


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The couple looks like a wedding photo shoot.

I was in Shanghai November 2009 and was certainly wowed by the number of skyscrapers and the maglev train that runs from the Pudong financial district to the Pudong Airport. (I go to NYC so often people think I am a New Yorker.) Your photo of the dog grooming place made me think of the French poodle I encountered in the Beijing hutong home of a snuff bottle artist. This poodle had his ears done in a pale orange wash and his tail in a lime green. First of all I never expected to see Chinese owning pampered pet dogs and never in the communal living space of the hutong. Your article makes me think emulative spending in China is happening a pretty fast pace. Now that the 22 stop maglev train is running in central China, things are going to explode there too with lots of fast pace spending. Right now in China, it's all about the money.

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