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May 26, 2010


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80% of china, people were pesants for 4000 years.

China has a Dead culture. Dead for 300 years.

After 4000 years, all are peasants.

Confucius: Dead for 2000 years.

Bury Confucius.

Bury the past...dead.
Bury the dead...dead
Bury Mao.. dead
Bury Hanzi.... dead
Bury confucius...dead

Live the future.
join the free world.
join the 21st century.

ask yourself a simple question:

china: after 4000 years, workers making 25 cents an hour

china: 70% are peasants living with the cows chicken sheeps on the farm.

china: 50,000 block writing. what civilized nation uses such primative, barbaric system of writing.
china: Not a single great thinker, scientists.

isaac newton
charles darwin
faraday-maxwell on electricity

light bulb
cell phones

china: nation of peasants living with the cows, chicken, sheeps on the farm.

what happened.
what the cause of such backward, primative status?

Professor John King Fairbank at Harvard University

Professor Joseph Needham at Cambridge University...

Science and Civilization in China (SCC)
30-plus volume on science-technology in china..

1... science-age..

2. Industrial-age...

3. Internet age... Information age.

why did china missed the

science / industry/internet....

All invented in Western Nations...
None in china...
China has Not ever won a Nobel prize in sciences...
10-ethnic chinese in usa..

What happened....
Needham' grand question: why did the modern world skip pass china.....

what happened???
what's the truth???

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