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June 03, 2010


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Years ago I earned a Master's degree in Social Science (political philosophy emphasis). To date, it specifically has not played a role in any career move nor any increase in pay. In fact, I dare say it hasn't helped me professionally at all.

That said, I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. It enriched me as a thinking being so much that I don't give a fat darn whether or not it will ever enhance my pocketbook or prestige within external society..

If I may be so bold, I'm testament to the fact that one can "improve oneself" outside of the classroom. I'm sure having a teacher can help, but it's not often necessary. If you're going to rack up tens of thousands of dollars of debt, I think it's a good idea that it enables you to be in a position to pay that debt and more. I have a friend who racked up a nice debt studying philosophy at university. He's now working at Winners trying to pay it off!


religion: dig a big hole / bury the past.

USA had slavery. USA civil war ended.

china had.

baby-emperor PUYI
Hanzi- 50,000 dead characters.
famines 1950s.
cultural revolution in 1960s.
civil war in 1949.

dig a hole / bury the past

live the future / bury the past.

social sciences: free free free

humanities: free free free

all social sciences / humanities is free free free at

1. library

2. bookstore

3. web. internet google.

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