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September 18, 2010


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Fantastic post. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hi Sam,

Thos are good points and references to the Analects. I wonder if 6.5 suggests our philanthropy should preferentially be given to our family, our neighbourhoods, our villages? I wonder whether Confucius would support the practice of bypassing those near to us (family, friends, community) and give aid to those in faraway places.

Re: Daodejing

You're absolutely right that the passage you quoted doesn't suggest the human nature is innately partial, unfair, greedy. I suspect the author would say that people get that way due to society's influence. (Personally I think we have "good" and "bad" tendencies.)

re: "People who live with Way can "give abundance to all beneath heaven." That is the ideal. Generosity - taking away where there is abundance and giving where there's want - is possible and preferable."

-- In saying that this generosity is ideal and prefereable, do you think there's a moral 'ought' there for the Daoist sage?

Long story short, I think there are moral oughts for a Daoist sage, most of which center on allowing for the untrammeled unfolding of Way....

Hi Sam,
I'd like to hear the long story someday, but for now, it would seem that you believe that man has the power to prevent the "untrammeled unfolding of Way," yes?

What Confucius or Dao-tze wrote/said is one aspect. There is another aspect of which verse do I pick as excuse to do the opposite. That's the practical side of Chinese.

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