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November 21, 2010


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Minor correction: *Qin Shihuangi should be "Qin Shihuangdi" or "Qin Shihuang" (or you could call him "First Emperor Qin" if you like quirky translations).

I do like your argument, however. Confucianism, although ostensibly intended to be the ideology of a ruler, really only works as a personal belief system. It is sufficiently vague and quasi-religious for different people to interpret it differently. Legalism seems to be much more of a ruler's ideology -- much firmer, more concrete injunction into just how things should be done. Of course, my knowledge of both is rather limited, so I can't say more than my general impressions.

Thanks for catching the typo - now corrected.

Thanks for this post, Sam, it has helped clarify things for me.

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