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December 13, 2010


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From the perspective of historical development, modern Western colonization of the backward nation is a progressive, colonization in the world to promote the modernization process. Colonization opened one by one closed region, to develop a culture of a commodity market and the market, so that the whole world, especially East and West are no longer isolated from each other, but are open. More importantly, the colonization of the West belongs to the original human rights, equality, freedom, democracy, competition brings the world to form an international competition. No world without colonization, international. "
- Liu Xiaobo, "tragedy of enlightenment -" May Fourth "movement critical", "Chinese World" in 1989, 3)


Sam: Liu just said what you wanted to say but feel ashamed to speak out openly. NO wonder Liu is your favorite adopted pet.

Editor's Note:
I just took down six long comments by Isha... all of which say the same thing as the one I have left. He is obviously working over time for the fifty cents party - maybe he earned as much as a dollar! In any event, repetition does not make weak arguments stronger...

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