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August 26, 2011


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If you really want to introduce Confucianism to Americans, then you should introduce Neo-Confucianism, which has definite spiritual goals and methods. Some streams of Confucianism, especially the more folk-based schools such as 太谷学派, 刘门教, 王凤仪思想, etc., may also be of interest to the public. The other option is through practical stuff like yijing divination and 儒门气功.

Basically, if you don't have a specific school of thought in mind, then it's never clear what Confucianism actually refers to.

The problem of liberalism is completely circumvented if we promote stuff like Neo-Confucianism, which is mainly an individual pursuit of Sageliness.

On a related issue, the first time I saw True Grit (the new one), I felt it was a deeply-Confucian movie.

There is really nothing more Confucian than avenging one's father. That's the summit of filial piety.

It's probably easier to introduce Americans to Confucianism through Zuozhuan stories than the Analects. Or otherwise through latter-day Confucian heroes.

That's the summit of filial piety.

Gosh no! Don’t try and make Confucianism more American, make Americans more Confucian. Abolish majority rule and democracy; replace the president with an emperor, and the senators with ministers. Utilize meritocracy to appoint said ministers, rather than an election, and utilize Confucian ethics to manage the emperor rather than ‘checks and balances’. Our main barrier to a truly Confucian state is democracy; it must be wholly abolished before progress and morals can be made.

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