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September 23, 2011


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Hi, I'm a bit late to this, but it's worth pointing out to your readers who don't know China why exactly it's so interesting on the mainland that Locke's background is Chinese. That reason is Chinese mainlanders consider blood ties to run deeper than cultural ties.

This assumption manifests in all sorts of ways, from the mainland expectation that Chinese-Americans have some innate ability over a person of another ethnicity in learning Mandarin, to the rather unfortunate series of lawsuits for people such as Jude Shao and Stern Hu (ok, maybe they aren't the greatest examples, since they were actually born in China, but just you wait, I'm sure it will happen), who are considered as 'traitors' in a way for emigrating.

Additionally, it's worth adding that this fixation with blood spills over to Caucasian Americans, too. I've been guessed to be European as much or more than I've been guessed to be American, which is fair given that all Caucasian Americans are from Europe, but it's nothing that I would think of myself.

Sorry for the long and unrelated comment! My Chinese is not good enough to delve into Zhuangzi, but I hold it as a sort of goal for myself, given how much I enjoyed what parts of the DDJ I studied in college...

Cheers, and happy new years (if you follow the Gregorian calendar's artificial enumeration of time)!

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