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October 25, 2011


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Good post. Just like almost any of those I read until now on your great blog. Thanks a lot for that.
I am totally with you in the point that Daoism would give a lot of opportunities to criticize the Chinese government and therefore could never been adopted coherently by the CCP. As you wrote: Daosim would, as it always has done before, undermine state power. And under this impression I strongly support the view of Ren Farong about the involvement of " a number of powerful countries" in other states affairs. In this regard, I would also strongly criticize parts of the latest foreign policies of western countries and in particular the US. I think sometimes it would really be better to let some countries decide on their own behalf without interferring from outside powers. I think I read a post about "Obamas Daoist Foreign Policy" on this blog once and I really like the idea of something like a Daoist foreign policy. Wouldn't that be some good idea to think about more clearly? Or maybe someone already has done it and i don't know about?

Great post! I won't be surprised if they built a statue of LaoTse at Tiananmen Square, despite the Confucius fiasco.

Love this post, and I def prefer more daoism in Chinese politics over confucius teachings.

One of my own favorites from the DDJ that wouldn't exactly fare well in modern Chinese society:
There is no way to protect halls filled with gold and jade

Indeed, I have debated this passage with a member of the younger college-educated generation and his response was along the lines of:
But today I think that you can protect these things.

I think the CCP considering Daoism is about as fruitful as the way in which they insert themselves into Buddhism, Catholicism, etc.

I forgot to ask, who composed the calligraphic 无为 in this post?

Good post, we use to discuss about Confucianism when I was in 2nd year high. Interesting story about China's dynasty and their leaders.

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