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December 09, 2011


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Sam: When we went to freshman orientation meetings at Boston College in September 2009 one of the speakers, Michael Hynes, SJ spoke about what parents should expect from a college education. He made three points: higher education is a rigorous and sustained conversation about questions of human existence among the widest possible circle of the best conversational partners. It is NOT about getting a job or a six figure income. The student's part is to pick conversational partners wisely, to participate and to ask 'why'. While I wanted to give him a standing ovation, his words were met with stunned silence.

Indeed, education is an ongoing conversation about Human existence which basically equates to how "I," "we," all of "us"- (Humanity)- belong to each other and thus the world. The "why" question emerges from our innate sense of wonder and the "what is" question points to our fundamental urge to survive and flourish, "I'm here, so let's go and create beauty...until I'm 'totally used up.' (GBS)
...Death, then is the great equalizer. The depth of one's particular awareness of her/his own mortality throughout this dramatic conversation, as well as one's openness to it (death), determines the depth of one's life and identity....

Wow. There is a beautiful convergence here. Tracy went to BC. Perhaps she knows Fr. Hynes. And Deirdre is from Rye, where Tracy's husband, Joe is from. And I am from Rye and now live in Williamstown, as does Tracy. And we are all in fundamental agreement. Way is vast.... And Jesuits understand education...

Wisdom vs Training

I was trained to "be a welder" a role that provided financial security. A lifestyle that provided access to divergent perceptions. And a fortunate long life to appreciate, cause and effect, and the root of emptiness.

in peace,

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