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June 05, 2012


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"we will give you material comfort, but you have to accept limitations on your freedom"
---it is a legitimation strategy only insofar as it is what the PRC has decided to offer. What is lacking is the people's agreement to the terms of this arrangement. Or for those who would argue that the events of 1949 constitute acceptance of the terms, what is lacking is the declaration of ongoing acceptance of those terms. But as far as the CCP is concerned, it seems once a caged pheasant, always a caged pheasant.

The people seem to be in strong agreement with the CCP on this, as on all matters.
According to Pew, Edelman, UofM, and Harvard, somewhere between 85% and 95% of them approve of, support, and trust the Government.
I suspect that the average Chinese--as contrasted to privileged elites, including intellectuals--enjoys greater freedom today, in all dimensions of life than ever in Chinese history.

To Gantal,
I'm not familiar with the other surveys you listed. But as far as Pew is concerned, its surveys in China have such serious methodological flaws as to render their top-line results completely meaningless.

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