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June 04, 2012


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Nice post.

"took care to explain to me that we should interpret everything that was being reported as its opposite"
---that sounds about right. Not unlike the GLF, I imagine formal recognition by the powers that be will be decades in the offing, and at the very least not until the principal players are long dead. So it is symbolic and interesting that the former Beijing mayor wants to set the record straight while he is still of this earth. I wonder what that will earn him for his troubles.

Nice candle motif. But on Sina weibo today, the "candle" emoticon is not available, and the search for all manner of keywords is blocked (even more than usual). I guess the CCP internet squirrels are really earning their supper today.

i expect the same could happen in america, if the #occupy movement gets "out of hand". kent state, only four dead, but governments have only one answer when their power questioned ... the only other way, and the only real way of change (see egypt, syria, ca 2012) is the slow accretion of change in the collective consciousness ..

look at the faces of the young chinese beijing in may of 1989 ... so hopeful and enthusiastic, and whacked for that, because there was no support in the collective...

history is a long slow river. there is no reason for the chinese government to 'fess up to tiananmen, unless there is a shift in the matrix brought about through changing minds of several hundred million people ...

I read recently somewhere, I forget where exactly, that the students in the square that day, having been warned ahead of time, had mostly vacated the square and that most of the victims of the police violence were innocent civilians in the surrounding neighborhoods, including people in their houses. Is there anything to that?

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