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July 30, 2012


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This smacks of a manufactured story allowing the CCP to avoid imposing the death penalty against the wife of a high-ranking official - something that would set an unhappy precedent for them.

"it will not be enough to find her not guilty. That has already been determined. Her case is a top political priority for the CCP leadership, and they would not let charges be publicized and legal procedures move forward without knowing precisely what the outcome would be ahead of time."
---this precisely sums up why the CCP system of "law and order" is such a joke. Forget about whether she's guilty, it is a foregone conclusion that she will be found guilty because that is what the CCP wants. Just like with Liu Xiaobo, or Ai wei wei, or CGC. The only difference is that she is not a "dissident", although her current predicament is that she is no less of a political enemy to the establishment.

You might be interested in anonymous blogger hbd* chick's posts on China. She is primarily interested in the interactions of inbreeding and culture in non-Western societies. Western societies too, come to think of it. Here's her homepage:

And her latest on China:

And a good backgrounder on Europe:

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