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July 24, 2012


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"Elections would serve this purpose in a more systematic manner, but Leninist Party stalwarts resist genuine political competition."
Capitalist Party stalwarts resist genune political competition with the same fervor: US elections are no more effective forms of regime change than were those under Mubarak.
Both the USA and Chna are one-party states, obviously. Factions mean little or nothing.
The real queston that all citizens ask their regimes is, "what have you done for me today?"
Citizens livng under a Capitalist regime have experienced declining incomes and quality of life for 30 years. Those under Chna's Communist government have enjoyed unparallelled improvements.
Approval and trust of Capitalist governments, which have been falling for decades, is currently around 19%.
The Chinsese Governemtnt, however, gets an 85% to 95% trust and approval rating, accordng to Pew, Edelman, and HArvard.

Minor edit needed:

Heaven sees as my people see, Heaven hears as my people here.

Hear not here.

It's true that mandate of heaven can't be given like Kim family did in North Korea. But in China the leadership does face challenges and tests during the rise through local to central and various offices in between. Xi is selected because he probably managed to pass those tests and challenges well. The group who selected him maybe small or undemocratic by Western standard and some might use the counterexample of recent turmoil as for the weakness of this method. But consider the democratic method we have in US which produced Obama and Romney I would not count their method out.

"as a small group of men decide who the next small group of men will be to claim the Mandate of Heaven to rule China."
---priceless writing. I suppose the CCP system is better than NK where monarchial-style nepotism gets you one Kim after there's that...

Ah, Pew. It's too bad the CCP refuses to stop resting on the laurels of methodologically flawed stuff like Pew, and put themselves to a real and legitimate test.

“We must resolutely resist the impact of Western political models such as the multiparty system or separation of powers among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.” [from an official Chinese pronouncement]

Reminds me of the time a British aristocratic announced he was opposed to an expansion of the suffrage (or something like that). Reprimanded by a colleague, he asked his colleague why he was upset. Don't you agree with what I said? Of course I agree, his colleague replied, but you shouldn't raise the issue.

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