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July 23, 2012


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Good points, Sam. And let's not forget that nothing has greater mytho-historical resonance in such a context than floods. The argument has even been made that flood control was the original basis for the archaic Chinese state.

I get a little nervous when Wittfogel enters the conversation...

Excellent commentary on the Chinese reaction to the flooding and its connection to the Mandate of Heaven. I plan on using your post with my students when we study China this year.

Fascinating angle. That the buck stops with the CCP for infra-structure failures (just as they would like to take credit for past economic successes) is self-evident. However, to think of a natural disaster as a shot across the bow from the Heavens toward earthly regimes is certainly a throwback.

Ironically, I heard the skies (and the air) around Beijing were unusually clear after the torrential rains. Maybe the CCP would like to put a positive spin on that one.

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