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October 09, 2012


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Mr. Crane,
Your observations are keen and accurate, but the logics of neo-cons are the logics of an empire, it will expand until internal weakness force its retranchment. The real question is why American must lead at all? The U.S. is in real financial trouble. The people is conditioned for standard of living and low taxation beyond its means. Whether to commit 50% or 60% of defense posture to Pacific is irrelevant when Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid spendings will strain the budget beyond repair. PRC may have overplayed its hand in the island disputes, which I don't totally agree, for it has its own internal dynamic as an expanding power and historical imperative, and I think China is willing to settle those with compromises of joint exploition and defer any sovereignty issues. The neo-cons has always considered China as an enemy since Bush came to office and the spy plane incident, but the 9-11 totally derailed their time table and allowed China to gain considerable time for modernization and peaceful rise.

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