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October 26, 2012


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I would agree that Wen Jiabao failed Confucius test, but I don't think too many officials over the more than 2,400 years in Chinese history after Confucius passed that test. And I have my doubts whether the sage himself would have passed the test. Wen is a man of his time, I do not expect him to resign when his relatives took advantage of his position or for him to prosecute them to set an example. The question for me is whether he has try to set China in the right direction and benefitted the people overall. I think he succeeded to certain extent and leave it for his successor to further reform and transparency. He is a politician and constrained by history, and history will judge him. I do wish him well in his retirement.

This is incredibly dumb even by this blog's standards. Blame Wen because his family is rich? Blame Wen because his father committed murder?

Jesus Christ...

Please read more carefully. The post is not blaming "Wen because his father committed murder." Rather, it is invoking the example of Shun to think about how an exemplary leader assumes responsibility for family problems. Were Wen to think in the manner of Shun, he would assume responsibility for his family members who profit personally from his position. Now, you may find that an unreasonable standard to apply, and that is fine. But it is is a Confucian standard, and the point of the post was to think about how a Confucian standard might apply in the case.

"Rather, it is invoking the example of Shun to think about how an exemplary leader assumes responsibility for family problems."

Right. That's much less ridiculous.

By those "standards," even Confucius would not have passed the "Confucian standard". Confucius's father and son might have been far more morally deficient than Wen's family.

But if such a "standard" is followed by politicians, there would essentially be no one working in government. Anywhere. Anytime. Even the best among human beings would be self-excluded from government office. Your inability to draw that implication is ghastly.

To think that by resigning on account of family members' getting rich would make his country better or reduce corruption is basless.

It seems that the only reason for such a move is a kind of empty gesture.

Confucius and Mencius would say that many things go into the moral fiber of an individual. A single family member is just one element (parents, society, friends etc, all matter). And that one element may not even have had anything to do with particular instances of immorality.

I'm sorry, but time and again, this melektaus has revealed that s/he lacks sufficient English reading comprehension to engage in these debates. And then there is the question of etiquette. And then, the real big deficit that trips up every Hidden Harmonizer in the blogosphere: logic.

Thank you for your reply demolishing my position with such detailed argument. It is a model in English comprehension,, etiquette, and yes, logic.

This site is filled with ersatz Sams, junior intellectuals who cannot think for themselves and are satisfied living in a constant mental haze.

They are so scared, defiant, insecure that their tiny worldviews may be threatened by anyone with an alternative viewpoint and can support it with evidence and reason that they will behave like such frustrated children as the above "slim" displays.

"junior intellectuals" indeed, M. "junior intellectuals" indeed. I'd grant you your "alternative viewpoint", but wouldn't get carried away with the "evidence and reason" bit. That may be your reach exceeding your grasp, but then like I say, that would be what heaven is for, eh? As for fear and insecurity, you may have misconstrued the voices in your head. I'd have to agree that HH is your natural domain, but it's good of you to wander off the reservation and see the world once in a while.

skc's post is the last of the definitive arguments showing me the error of my ways. I now see much clearer and apologize for ever disagreeing with Sam.

I see how incredibly subtle and nuanced his claims are now. They only seem prima facie silly but have hidden structures which I was too stupid to understand.

Thank you for showing me this. Thank you for harmonizing my views. Again, I profusely apologize to all the sons of Sam for calling the views of your idol, your father, The Father, "silly." They are in fact sound. Who am I to disagree with such a profound mind?

boys, boys, boys... I am going to put a halt to this here before it escalates. And, by the way, I have been called many things by various detractors, but "junior" is really something new. And I don't even dye may hair!

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