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October 08, 2012


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Thanks for posting this. I have read the book and was intending to write a review of it for my own I Ching Meditations blog. I will post a short part of your review on my blog and link it back here so people can read your full review and see the rest of your postings.

All good wishes and happy "Changes."

During May 2011 I had a book published by Xlibris called "Projection". Ever since my young teen years I became excited with psychology, and all things which could be explained by links to the subject. When I was twenty-four I had found The I Ching, and I followed it, closely. "Projection" eventually captured my feeling on that great book. However, I had my own understanding on things. These I hope came across in the book.
Anyone who would like to see the web site "Projection" can go to:
Thank you very much.
James P. Devaney

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