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December 17, 2012


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soul-level agreements from all involved for the good of the human race .. not more, not less.

I'm glad to read something that cites a source far from the scene of the tragedy. It is comforting to know that some wisdom is universal, or at least nearly so. Thanks for writing this.

Americans venerate not the automatic but the automobile. We kill 30,000 of our fellows every year with them too.

Your comments on killing children are accurate, but not your comments on guns. We need guns largely because there are evil people in the world and most people need more than a random knife or a martial arts course that takes 30 years to complete if they encounter an evil person.

clearly to believe children must be taught avarice, greed and violence has never spent any time around infants or small children or has utterly forgotten their childhood. An infant in a nursery will attack another child for a cookie they possess. When larger they create weapons of their toys to attach the other. To observe the extent they will manipulate their caretakers to give in to their demands is highly amusing. Once of a mind and not soley driven by his wants that child learns that words are a much more dangerous tool with which to best his adversary. Because to small children, even his best friend will sometimes hold the things he wants and will make foolish attempts to gain and cruel words are an exisite way in which to subdue him.

Take this shooter from Connecticut. I have not followed this closely because this president will happily destroy the constitution that protects the rights of citizens by law - not from a criminal but the law exists so that a free people can be a determinate people and remain free - from despots. My appreciation of the constitution and what it created here far outweigh the thought of my right to a gun than just that it is law and being manipulated by the rich for their gain. An unarmed populace will very quickly become the prey of this percentage that just stole millions of homes and the lives savings of millions more.

But back to the kid and how I perceive from words of of this communities own mouth that they themselves turned an odd young man into a hate machine by their treating him as a pariah within their community. His own barber told the news "people told me not to talk to him". A five year old in this community crawled over his dead teachers body and ran down the street with a few others away from the scene to the home of a man near by. After witnessing murders and mayhem the words out of the mouth of one of this cities children were to haughtely criticize the size of his man's house. "Just sayin". You say you don't believe in morality except it might be handy in a civilization. Then to me you are saying if this happened in a less populace country or wild setting, this wouldn't be that big a deal. The five year old was only repeating what his parents taught him, but it says everything about this communities values.

But face it, were it not for the press's ability to manipulate the death of a few white kids when every single day MANY MANY brown and black kids die from guns that will never be turned in because they are owned by a criminal element. So it is to me, not the guns which killed these kids, but possibly more the arrogance of this community where clearly not one single person would make a friend of this young man. Even his own father just split the scene and like this age of reckless and abandoning fathers had his part to in what that kid became.

Yeah, creation groaneth. And still people will believe the least cause where it absolves them from effort or responsibility.

Oh, might obama messiah, save us by taking guns from millions of people who use them responsibly. (gag) Never a thought or care as to how we are willing to treat one another these days and when we fail what was once called common decency we reap violence when we ourselves sow malevolence and arrogance.

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