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February 10, 2013


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I respond to the above comment here

the more evident it is that the Maoist system was responsible for many, many more deaths of Chinese people than was Japanese imperialism.

A complete and utter distortion of the facts as they stand. What were the elevated mortality rates caused by imperialism, over what should have been the norm? Do you have these figures dude?

Mao saved more lives than perhaps any other figure in history. If China had followed the same mortality trends of other developing countries such as India, deaths in excess of what happened 1949 to 1976 would have been at least 100 million.

The Maoist system, far from destroying lives, saved more lives than any other system in history.

Here is Noam Chomsky's analysis, based on Nobel Prize Winning economist Amartya Sen's statistics:

实事求是 dude

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