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February 19, 2013


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The above comment is a hasty recreation of my comment last night. Unfortunately it is a bit scrappy compared with what I originally posted.

Incidentally, my final admittedly rather weak argument about 'Western medicine' is a response to Wayne's "Excess deaths from imperialism should be counted against imperialism, not just those killed directly by being shot or bayoneted."

Why is that I find the same people (from both sides) fighting the same wars of words in the comment sections. And honestly I do think this post is making a straw-man out of anyone who's skeptical despite all the disclaimers.

I've never been accused of being a nationalist by anyone online or off and I came to this blog because of your book on taoism and disability, but this ideological hissy fight is more than I can stomach.

Have fun with it -1 subscriber.

Great, Wayne Lo (AKA Mongol Warrior) is here - the same guy who likes to email death threats. Sam, be careful how you engage with this guy.

- I have taken down a comment here because the writer was misrepresenting himself. Indeed, he seems to have been pretending to be me. -

As a student of the Mongolian language, and being familiar with the extreme (indeed, exaggerated) antipathy of the Mongolians towards the Chinese for various historical and other reasons (in some way or another usually related to China's favourite flogging horse of 'sovereignty'), I find it quite offensive that a crude (Han) Chinese chauvinist like Wayne Lo should go under the monicker 'Mongol Warrior'.

This thread has run its course. I am turning off comments.

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