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March 26, 2013


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I agree that China Dream is not Confucian Dream, yet I disagree with your evaluation of Xi's vision of China Dream. Despite China using Confucian Institute as a name because of recognition value rather than any intrinsic embracing of his philosophy. For Confucius his vision was a past utopia which may exist only in his imagination, and veneration of past and resulting embracing of status quo and stagnation for the last 2 millenniums. For Confucian scholars post Qin, for their own survival embrace loyalty as the top value and became the orthodoxy in governance. I find China today has more affinity to Taoism with embracing green and nature than to Confucianism.

Of course when Xi spoke of "China Dream" he was referring to China rather than to Japanese or Vietnamese. It would be presumptuous for he to state otherwise. For Japanese or Vietnamese they have their own Japan Dream or Vietnam Dream, as Chinese media has mentioned World Dream. For China can at present only attempt to pull Chinese out of poverty and improve their living while giving moderate aids to others like in Africa like the $20 billion loans to African countries. It is only U.S. that has grandiose manias of imposing Democracy on the rest of the world.

As for the usual criticism of nationalism and military spending, let's put it in perspective comparing with U.S., China has no foreign military base, she has reduced military personnel by millions during the last 30 years, the military budgets have increased in relation to GDP by increase pay benefits and modernization of equipment from very low basis. After all she does need to start a navy from practically zero level to at least patrol her coastal seas which are constantly monitored by U.S. spy planes and submarines outside 12 miles limit, and you call that unreasonable?

what established the "american dream"?

movies, i would bet, and received history.

same with china?

Sounds like the Meiji Japan dream:ōhei 富国強兵

Yes, it is very much in line with the "Meiji Dream."

Sam, I think you are confused with Confucianism and new Confucianism. The Qing Dynasty believed in Confucianism, and believed that there is no need for arms buildup. The result of this, is 150 years of humiliation.

The arms buildup in China really a necessary evil, considering that America is trying to Contain China and tens of thousands of American troops in South Korea and Japan.

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