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June 04, 2013


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You are correct that suppression of any discussion of June 4, 1989 incident doesn't serve China's interest, and I expect that eventually it will be discussed and debated in China. But that does not mean you are correct in your judgment of it as a fight of democracy versus tyranny. From the rearview of history we have the history of past 24 years around the world to make comparisons and preliminary judgments. We have the Color Revolution in Eastern Europe which brought nominal democracy to people there but not necessarily better lives for most. We have Arab Spring which continues to play out in Egypt, Syria, and Libya. Not to mention Iraq with daily violence taking hundreds of lives everyday.

And we have China with hundreds of millions if not billion lives improved to middle class. Certainly we all wish that history played out differently 24 years ago. Yet revolution and historical movements have their own power dynamics and can't really be controlled. The Chinese leadership may have erred in imposing martial law and calling out the troops, but history still awaits her judgment.

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