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July 24, 2013


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Greetings Sam,

From my disconnected view, deep in the woods of West Virginia, the new (Chinese culture) is formed by corruption. It now seems money will make me your father ( in a Confucian sense) where-as my mother is only know by "Dao"

Is "Daoing" inconsistent with capitalism?

Hi, just came across your blog from the Sinocism mailing list. Seems interesting!

I've also noticed this tendency, in speaking of Chinese philosophy, to regard Confucianism as the 'core' of the Chinese philosophical identity, with other philosophers regarded as branches or variations on it, or as dissident reactions to it. I presume we can say that this is largely due to Confucianism's privileged position in the Imperial China of the Yuan-Qing dynasties, but it's interesting how even those 20th century philosophers (Feng Youlan, Liang Shuming, etc) who were against the traditional imperial system, but equally wanted to preserve traditional Chinese philosophy against the Westernisation movement, also generally seem to have regarded Confucianism as central.

This all rather reminds me of Plato's position in Western philosophy, where it's difficult to separate his 'objective' importance philosophically from the historical influence of his privileged position in early Church theology. And then also of how Chinese people often seem to say that their 'Asian family values' stem from Confucius, as if he uniquely invented the idea of a patriarchal family and filial piety, when clearly at various times many other cultures have/had similar traditions. Chicken/egg situations, it seems...

Anyway, looking forward to your next entry!

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