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August 18, 2013


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"The terrible tragedy of June 4th was that violence was not necessary; it was a choice made by spiteful and rigid conservative leaders. The military did not have to open fire as it did."

History is full of incidents of what ifs and second guessing. No doubt 6/4/89 incident can be analyzed also. But what you have said didn't square with the record. After all the protest leaders were a disparate group drunk with power with its own momentum. No moderate leader can convince withdrawal from the Square despite the pleading of the General Party Secretary Zhao before his downfall. The aim of the protest changed from memorial for Hu to protest against corruption to demand of the fall of government as it gathers momentum.

Your argument reminds me of the Chinese proverb, "Talking military strategy in paper". After all the General in the Kingdom of Zhao was well liked for his brilliance in debating and entrusted with the military in defense of the country against Qin, except his parents argued against the appointment and they proved right when he was annihilated in real battle.

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