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August 13, 2013


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In the sense that the Confucians overcame the seductiveness of the doctrines of Daoism and Buddhism by incorporating parts of them them during the Song to create Neo-Confucianism, you can claim that "Confucianism" represents the core of Confucian Culture. The Former Han Emperors used Daoist economics but legalist methods of administration when they created the first practical system of imperial administration which they overlaid with Confucian rhetoric. So basically you can say that Confucianism is an eclectic ideology which has incorporated anything from the many disparate philosophies of the last two and a half millenia which has proved to be beneficial or useful and therefore can be said to be the core of Chinese culture.

Yes, good point. Confucianism has absorbed new ideas and changed over time. In that way, it has survived and thrived. But its fusion with Legalism does suggest a kind of political problem: it has never been able to operate on its own as a guide for political life...

Greetings Sam

"When somebody dies, more people look for a Daoist "priest" not a Confucian scholar."

Perhaps religions are the glue that shape minds into philosophic prisms. We seem to be drawn towards faith (the unknowable) before logic (the knowable).

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