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August 15, 2013


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One point you failed to mention is that the Chinese military in 1989 did not have any anti-riot equipment nor training, and they were forced to use real ammunition, leading to severe casualties on civilians. In contrast, the current Egyptian regime have all the equipments and trained security forces at their disposal; yet, they intentionally chose to be excessively heavy-handed, following the shock-and-awe doctrine, which is the real reason behind the heavy casualty we now see in Egypt. Snipers? Isn't it targeted killing or just bloody murdering? How in the world is it called for? Some western media and intellectuals are selectively blind just to be politically correct, which is hypocrisy on display.

You also failed to mention that the Egyptian police and military are not only backed by the US government, but equipped by the US government. Every time a sniper fires his gun a bullet made by Lockheed Martin slices in the head of a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The US and other Western powers have been key players in the Egyptian protests, that's why they have not cancelled aid. Additionally if you think that the government has changed, without a little influence from the US, your surely mistaken, Egypt is a key strategic partner, especially the army.

As much as Tiananmen Square was a tragic massacre, I can understand why the government does not disclose the real number of victims. Because unlike Egypt, which has unparalleled support by the US no matter how many people they kill, but instead would be used as a propaganda tool. Taking into account that statistically Western estimates have always increased since the events of Tiananmen, the Chinese government see this as the political propaganda tool western governments need to bring an end to the regime.

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