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July 17, 2014


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Theodore Brooks, who has been active recently over at Warp, Weft, has a nice discussion of the word 'misogynist' over at zword.

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Thanks for this, Sam!

Sam informs us,

"In writing their papers about what they understand to be the most significant concept in The Analects, several argued that "humanity" (ren) and "ritual" (li) were key and could offer something positive and constructive for the social dislocations of ultra-individualist America. But some suggested that those same concepts might be helpful in similar ways in China now."

I'm curious to know how they conceive ren and li: not how they thought the early Confucians would have cashed them out in practical detail, because that's presumably not what they think would be helpful in America today; but rather what the general ideas are. I want to know what general ideas the students associate with these terms -- and whether they think these ideas are not fully present in the Western tradition or the current American mind.

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